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Thanks to CNBC, CryptoManRan, Ashley Scorpio and producers for having me on the Crypto Trader. It is the worlds leading crypto TV news show. This episode is huge as it is breaking news for the Coinbase IPO with an $8Bn Valuation. This was all announced at Crypto Invest Summit where we were an official media sponsor along with CNBC, Fox Business, CNN, and Blockchain Beach.

CNBC Crypto Trader at Crypto Invest Summit.
Ashley Scorpio, Chad Aroo Anderson, Antonio Brasse (Blockquake CEO)

I’m honored to be a voice for this movement and everything we build at is for the world. WE want to make it better and believe blockchain tech and crypto can help with that.


Thank you to everyone for your support. Each small action taken is one step closer to mass adoption and changing the world!